1. First introduce yourself (what do you do, what
bands you play(ed) in, hobbies etc...).

Maurice Gijsbers, 31, bands I played in: Right Direction, Demon Joker Junior, $400 Suits, Slapshot, Astro Zombies a.d.. My hobbies are my wife, my dog and music (Hardcore, Punkrock, Iron Maiden, Heavy Metal, Misfits, Ritchie Blackmore).

2. Recently 'your' tribute album to The Misfits got
released under the name 'Astro Zombies A.D.'. When and
why did you choose to record a album full with songs
by The Misfits (and 2 Danzig songs)?

I decided to record a Misfits tribute album after i infected my brother in law and friend Boris with the Misfits-virus. this is not a joke! i always wanted to record a Misfitalbum, but nobody (Right Direction members, m-town musicians) liked the Misfits, so I had to wait for the day that someone besides me did like The Misfits too.

3. A lot of bigger names in the Dutch hardcore and
punkrock scene contributed to this album. Was it tough
to get these people enthousiastic to record a album
full with songs they didn't wrote themself?

Nope! Everybody involved were totally into it for 100%. That's why I asked people who were Misfits fans. I easily could have asked Pat Backfire! and Dave Right Direction, but they're not into The Misfits. I wanted Misfits die-hard fans. If you do it, you gotta do it right. that's why the record sounds so dedicated and pure.

4. Who choose the songs on the cd? Did you took care
of everything, or did the 'guests' on the cd had any
input as well?

I choose all the songs, I organised everything. The guests had also input, yeah. Polle and Joost wanted to sing 2 songs each. I had planned 1 song for Joost and 1 song for Polle, but they wanted to do more. That's cool. I said: Go ahead.

5. I was wondering who Raoul Pinxt and Kevin Cramer
are... I know all the other artists on this cd, but
who are they?

Raoul Pinxt is friend of mine who sings for a metalband called SECTARIAN. They sound like Nevermore. Extreme good quality metal! Kevin Cramer is the drummer for my band Demon Joker Junior (1996-1997). He owns a studio now and I knew that he could do the job, recording the Astro Zombies album. So he did.

6. Like I mentioned in a previous question, besides
songs from The Misfits (10 in total) there are 2 songs
on it from Danzig, but my question is, where are the
Samhain covers?

It's hard enough to create a Misfits atmosphere. Samhain is impossible to copy. You can't create that creepy, new-wavish atmosphere. Just leave it as it is. Besides that, there aren't too many people into Samhain. I'm not into every Samhain song either (especially the Unholy Passion album, weird...)

7. Do you think there will come a follow up to this
album, because there are plenty of other Misfits
'hits' to choose from. And if so... will the same
people be working on the project?

It all depends on the reactions on this album, will people buy a cd like this? I don't like tribute albums at all. But this one is different. It's great. But then again, I never buy tribute albums. If there will be a follow up, I defenitely wanna do it with the same people. Everybody did an exellent job. They rule!
8. Okay... I think it's time for a 'Misfits pop up quiz'!
Please answer the following questions... (The
questions aren't that hard!).

* With what line up did The Misfits record their first
e.p., entitled Cough/Cool?:
Manny, Glenn and Jerry

* From 1978 to 1980 Bobby Steel played in The Misfits,
after leaving The Misfits he formed his own band,
: The Undead (still around)

* After The Misfits broke up in the 80's Jerry and
Doyle formed their own band who recorded songs such as
Valhalla, Soldiers Of Night and Dr. Phibes Rises
Again. What is the name of this band?:
Kryst The Conqueror

* Which album, that was suppose to be released in 2001
on Caroline Records, never got originally released?:
12 Hits From Hell

* Who starred in the movie 'The Misfits' where Danzig
got the name from for his band?:
Marilyn Monroe
(5 out of 5, good job!)

9. The Misfits are coming to Europe soon for a short
tour, you already told me that you ain't going. What
is your opinion on the current line up from one of
your favorite bands?

It's cool for them but it's not The Misfits. I saw The Misfits in '96 and '97. That was allright. but to me Misfits is Jerry, Doyle and Glenn! The Roadrunner Records years were allright, but this M25 tour is a karaoke sh 

10. Of course I have to ask you what your favorite
albums and songs are, so please tell us!

Favorite songs: ALL! My favorite misfits recordings are the Static Age recordings. my all-time favorite is the Cough/Cool-She 7". Legacy Of Brutality was my favorite for years. Danzig I, II, III and V are rockmonuments! Nothing can beat those albums. My favorite concert was Danzig at the Noorderligt/Tilburg 1992. Misfits at the Effenaar in '96 was an experience too!

11. Are you gonna perform with Astro Zombies A.D.? Or
do you think this is not possible, since there are
many people in from different bands?

Yes, we will perform. But the singer depends on who's available. We will perform at the Midsummerfest in M-Town.

12. Besides Astro Zombies A.D., you also play in your
'regular' band, Right Direction. Are there any updates
on Right Direction?

We're writing new material, but it's on a low level. We're old farts now. But that's allright. We will go on forever! I am (was) too busy with stuff like Astro Zombies, Slapshot and a neo-folk project with the singer from Daredevil.check: www.right-direction.nl for the latest updates.

13. Okay, I guess this is it. If there is anything
you'd like to add to this interview, here is your

Glenn, get the fuck back to your old palls. Stop making crap like 7:77! Jerry, stop doing that M25 thing after you're done. Get Doyle off his ass and call Glenn! Buy the new THE BUTCHER album! Buy the new MAYPOLE album! Get your ASTRO ZOMBIES A.D. album now!! Cheers to Manuel for putting his time in Street Soldiers and The Misfits! I can't wait for the Danzig DVD, should be ready now....

  • REVIEW: WMTD Zine: Astro Zombies A.D. - Mutants At Mosa Trajectum Cd (Gangstyle)

Wow. This is a big surprise. A couple of weeks ago out of the blue this new project was announced: Maurice and Boris of Right Direction and Igor from Backfire! joined forces with various singers to bust out some Misfits covers! Those singers are Joost from Discipline, Polle (The Butcher), Kevin (Demon Joker Junior - this cd was recorded in his studio), Michiel (Uppercut - also did all the artwork for this cd) and Marco (De Heideroosjes). I didn't really expected that much from it but after listening to this cd for the first time I was so surprised with quality of the songs and the recording. Classics such as "Skulls", "Some Kind Of Hate", "Angelfuck" and "I Turned Into A Martian" are covered in excellent way which does justice the originals. I honestly didn't expect it to be this good and I was completely blown away. If you like the Misfits definitely go take a listen to this cd! (IZ)


  • REVIEW:Street Soldiers: Astro Zombies A.D. - Mutants At Mosa Trajectum
    (Label: Gangstyle Records / The Noizz - Reviewed Format: CD

  For months there was talk about this album. A tribute to the almighty Misfits by the bigger names of the Dutch hardcore and punkrock scene under 'coördination' (or however you wan't to call it) by Maurice from Right Direction. To be honest, I was a bit sceptic about this idea at the point the word got on the streets about this album... but now? I'm sold! This is without a doubt one of the best tribute albums to The Misfits I have ever heard! And even the vocals from Michiel (Uppercut) come close to Mr. Danzig's voice, and that's a compliment! But he isn't the only singer on this album, also Joost (Discipline), Marco (De Heideroosjes), Polle (The Butcher), Raoul Pinxt (?) and Kevin Cramer (?) contributed to this album as well. Joost his voice is excellent of course, but I was more surprised by Marco Roelofs, who's voice wasn't as anoying on his own releases. In total there are 10 Misfits classics on this cd, such as Skulls, Teenagers From Mars, Where Eagles Dare, Astro Zombies, I Turned Into A Martian, We Bite and She. Besides that there are 2 Danzig songs, Twist Of Cain and Devil's Plaything. I am slightly surprised that there aren't any songs covered by Danzig's band Samhain, with who he recorded 4 albums after The Misfits broke up and before he went on under his solo name... Maybe that is something for a follow up for this cd, because the teamwork between the guys from Right Direction, Backfire!, The Butcher, Discipline, De Heideroosjes and Uppercut turned out excellent and deserves another release. I can already imagine how this band sounds live, hard, in your face and one hell of a party!

  • REVIEW:Astro Zombies a.d. - Mutants at mosa trajectum(CD) (Gangstyle)

    A tribute to the Misfits. Maurice Gijsbers from Right Direction asked a bunch of people, got into the studio and things turned out pretty nice! 12 songs from the Misfits, done by people from all over Holland, 6 singers, all doing a couple of songs. It's pretty cool to see a song like "She" on this compilation, my personal fav. still is the openingtrack "Skulls" sung by Joost from Discipline. A must-have for all you Misfits fans out there.
    Rating: x
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